Insurance Bets on Blackjack and How to Split Two Pairs of 8s


If you are considering starting a career in blackjack, it may help to review the rules of the game and learn the rules of insurance bets and hitting on soft 17 or 18. This article will also discuss how to split two pairs of 8s. It is not uncommon to see a push when the broker and participant collect the same sum of 21. This can happen when the broker has a face-down hole card and the participant has an ace.

Insurance bets

Insurance bets on blackjack are a good way to protect yourself against losing your entire wager in the event of a dealer blackjack. The insurance bet pays out 2:1 and can only be made when the dealer’s exposed card is an ace. If you do not feel comfortable placing an insurance bet on your hand, there are some basic rules to follow when placing this side bet. Listed below are the rules and tips for playing insurance bets on blackjack.

Hitting on a soft 17

Hitting on a soft seventeen is a rule in blackjack. In this rule, the dealer must hit when he has a soft 17 (that is, an ace counts as 11). Depending on the casino rules, this can happen a few different ways. In some casinos, the dealer can stand on a soft 17 as well. In others, the dealer must hit a soft 17 when he has a hand of seventeen or less.

Hitting on a soft 18

While it is possible to hit a soft 18 against a dealer’s deuce, it is not recommended. The odds of losing $0.13 for every dollar wagered are higher when hitting on a soft 18 against a dealer’s deuce. This is due to the negative expectation created by misplaying a soft 18 in blackjack. Here are some tips to consider when playing blackjack with a soft 18.

Splitting two 8’s

In blackjack, splitting two eights has a number of advantages over hitting a pair of tens. While both of these actions have a negative expectation, splitting two eights is better for your bankroll over hitting an 8 against a ten. This is because you’ll be reducing your chance of losing two hands by splitting your eights. The other benefit of splitting two eights is that you’ll be doubling down after splitting your eights.

Splitting two 5’s

The basic strategy of blackjack recommends against splitting two 5’s. The reason is simple: it is a bad play, and will ultimately cost you money. To learn more about the best plays, read on! Then, learn why splitting two 5’s is never a good idea. Here are some examples. Hopefully, this information will help you make the best decision for your particular situation. And, if you have a question, ask yourself whether you should split the five’s instead.

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