What is Live Casino?

live casino

Live casino is a feature in online casinos that brings a more authentic feel to the games. These games are hosted in a studio that is set up to look like a casino floor, and the dealers are actual people. The live dealer’s actions are translated into data by a piece of software that determines the results of each game. The results are displayed on the monitors in front of the players. Live games are the newest addition to most online casinos, but they have quickly become the most popular.

Adding Live Casino to your casino is as simple as clicking on the Live option in the games lobby. You can browse the games just as you would scope out a table on the casino floor, and once you select your game of choice, you will be taken to an open seat. Depending on the game you may be joined by other players, or you could play against a single dealer. The software allows you to chat with the dealer just as you would in a traditional casino setting.

While the technical implementation of Live casino isn’t rocket science, there are a few things to keep in mind before you play. For example, the studio has to be equipped with gambling tables and other supplies plus several cameras. The cameras are used to tape the games from different angles, and some of the camera lenses even have a zoom function. Another important part of a Live Casino is the Game Control Unit (GCU), which is a small device that is responsible for encoding the video broadcast and other functions.

The software used for live casinos is also a little bit different from the soft that you find in the majority of online casino games. The difference is that the Live casino games are based on real human interaction, while most other online casino games are based on RNG algorithms. The Live Casino games are therefore more authentic and more exciting than their standard counterparts.

Most live casinos have Blackjack and roulette available to their players, as well as a few other classic casino games. Some sites even offer baccarat, though this isn’t as common. These games are streamed in HD quality and can be played on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. The interface for these games is easy to use and the games are fast to load.

Besides these classic games, you can also enjoy more interesting titles that are unique to live casino games. These include Speed Baccarat, which is a fun variation of the traditional game with special payouts for pairs, runs, and suited cards.

Live casinos are a great way to experience the thrill of a Vegas-style casino without leaving the comfort of your home. These games are easy to access on all types of devices, and they provide a more realistic gaming experience than traditional online casino games. Moreover, these games can be played at any time of day and night.

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